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Angela has been bringing joy & laughter to parties and events for over 10 years. She is an experienced professional entertainer who has entertained at a variety of events both in the UK and internationally. From birthday parties to nursery schools, Christmas & Easter shows, weddings, mix & mingle, theatre performances and corporate events, no event is too big or too small.

While events can range from half and hour to all day, a typical event would be around 2 hours and consist of:

  • A 50min comedy magic show with audience participation and the appearance of Mystiki, the singing cat

  • Making balloon models for all the children during their tea break

  • Followed by games and face painting.

  • Ending with the magical appearance of little gifts (each child gets one)

During birthday parties the birthday child will be made to feel extra special through lots of attention, opportunities to make the magic happen and wear the magic cape. The birthday child will also get a birthday present and a special balloon model.

A special package is available for weddings and other adult functions, where Angela can provide a children's programme as a chosen character to start with and later appear completely transformed as a magician to do close up magic for the adults. With the multi talented Angela you get in one entertainer a magician, a balloon modeller, a face painter, a puppeteer, an actress, dancer and musician in a caring female entertainer.

  • Age range 0 to 10

  • Fun, comedy magic show with beautiful props

  • Close up magic for all ages with audience participation

  • Face painting , balloon modelling & puppetry

  • Story telling, music & movement games, dance

  • Various characters (Clown, different fairies, jester, cat, etc)

  • Member of Equity and various Clown & Magic associations

  • Drama & clowning workshops

Depending on your requirements Enchanting
Parties can vary the themes and length of the programmes.

Party bags are also available upon request.

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